A brewery older than Belgium itself !

Seven generations

In the hands of the Bosteels family for over 200 years, the brewery relies today on the craftmanship of seven generations. In 1791, Jean-Baptist Bosteels established the brewery, and has been followed by generations who took over the brewery with zeal and never stop brewing even during the world wars. At that time, the brewery played such an important role in the town, the family Bosteels was such influential people that we are not surprised that 3 on the 7 generations have been Town Mayors.

In the year 1930’s Antoine Bosteels, 5th generation, carried on the brewing dynasty and played an important role expanding the sales of the Bosteels Pils into other regions such as Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels. His son Ivo Bosteels honored the iconic beer of Pauwel Kwak by bringing it back to the market in 1980; this is the beginning of the strong beers for the Brewery Bosteels. In the year 1990, Ivo’s son, Antoine Bosteels, the 7th generation, understood the potential of the strong beers and especially the trend for the blond ones. Driven by passion of the art of brewing and guided by his creativity, Antoine is at the roots of the Tripel Karmeliet and the DeuS Brut des Flandres.

Built on respect for the past

Bosteels Brewery stands in the heart of the village of Buggenhout. Adjoining the spacious inner courtyard, the handsome and dignified buildings rise up from the ground: the former family residence and the old whitewashed brewery tower. The listed brewerhouse is built to the designs of the architect Minnaert (Minnaert Theatre, Ghent). Inside you can discover the family Bosteels heritage in the magnificent salon.